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with more. will? >> reporter: hey, brian. can in the past hour, i can safely say from our perspective here, looks like the crowds have doubled in itself and you're asked to take the metro here and that is your best bet. if you haven't left the house yet, the smithsonian station is closed for security reasons and reopens to help get you home after the fireworks and you should be prepared for this and there are several entrance points, 10 by our count and that is not like the tsa, you get to keep your shoes on and off limbs? alcohol and anything considered a weapon and you are encouraged to bring water and juice to stay hydrated. take a look the this. >> and i moved to virginia and where bitter to spend the 4th of july than our nation's capital.
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we did take the metro andha had a lot of people admiring our outfits. i think they wanted -- they wanted the headbands. >> and where did you find those? >> michael's. >> michael's. >> and a plug for michael's. fireworks begin at 9:10 tonight and most, it lasts about 20- point minutes and -- 20 minutes. metro is set to go. brian, you brought up a question and that is if the weather moves in and is dangerous, potential lightning, for instance, is there a continueness iny plant what is the plan if you have to evacuate the plan here? we have a safe haven plan implemented. what will happen, is if we have inclement weather, we can get everyone off the mall and into various museums and federal buildings. we haven't done this in several
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years and they will be in good directions from the officers on the team, message bores and some loudspeakers. we can career the national mall in 20 minutes or so. >> they will open up the government buildings if it's too dangerous to be out here. and that is looking like a lot of fun. police on horseback, bicycles, foot patrol and plain clothes are keeping close watch tonight on the national paul. paul wagner has those details. >> ever since 9/11, security is tight and when osama bin laden was killed a few months ago, they decided to take it up a march. it's saturated from the capitol to the lincoln memorial. earlier, we found a family from indiana who thought twice before coming here for the
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form. >> what was it that concerns you? >> ing. i'm a worry ward. i worry about everything and there is tops of officers. >> reporter: they came here from indiana to enjoy everything. and we found them waiting in line for security at the capitol. >> do you feel safe? >> i feel totally safe. >> my daughter was scared to come. i told her this is the safest place. >> yeah. >> and everywhere you looked, officers were patrolling on fat patrol, horseback, bicycles and suvs and officers were looking anywhere for trouble off thema, there is another layer of security. >> it has to do can with technology and plain clothes officers and a combination of how we're using information coming into a variety of command posts monitoring the crowd and the situation. >> reporter: in the weeks after 9/11, the police officers in
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this city adopted a saying that they like to repeat over and over. if you see something, say something. and that iscismy as keeping your eyes open. >> you bring backpacks or coolers, we'll ask to check those and don't bring alcoholic beverages or firearms or fireworks and come on and enjoy it, have a good time. >> reporter: the chief said if you're not inside the security checkpoints closest to the washington monument by 9:00 p.m., you will not be able to get in chief changeer withs -- chambers told me the metro ridership indicated there were more people here on the mall at that time than for the last 4th of july. >> and all of those people wondering if the weather will
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cooperate. and. >> reporter: didn't hear the last part. you cut out. there are a couple of showers trying to fire up and these are between charlestown winchester along 81 and that is coming out of west virginia and let's go to it. the fireworks forecast later on and temperatures should be around 80 degrees or sore and that is not -- this is not just for the mall but the surrounding area. everyone has a chance of a shower or thunderstorm and otherwise, warm, muggy, 80 to 83 degrees and not hot and that hasn't been altogether that hot and go to the website and get all of your latest live information on the radar and that is going to goad you. check out the complete list of fireworks in the area and look
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at the live radar and on that mall and download the app. senate cleanup continues from a violent storm that swept through yesterday. in arlington, trees came crashing down on the cars and homes and thousands left without power. the national weather service estimates that the winds topped 60 to set miles per hour and many of you who thought it was a tornado but the national weather service said it was a macrobust, a downward burst of violent winds that hit the ground and spread the damage in all directions. >> you can see all of the trees and all of them standing over and topping over to the homes. it was a loud noise. >> reporter: dominion power is reporting 3300 outages in northern virginia and bge has 1100 customers in the dark. an early fireworks show of sources in new york city. the nypd on sorts in new york
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city. the nypd confiscated fireworks and videotaped the whole thing. >> they lit the pile at the nypd firing ram last friday. the pyrotechnics were copis if catted during a crack doppler leading up to the 4th. 20 people arrested, more than $25,000 worth of fireworks seized. and still ahead here at 6, a smalltown police force turning to technology to help them fight crime and that is helping save money at the same time. we'll be right back. 
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>> the case of anthony now in the jury's hand. they started deliberating today. anthony charged the murder 23469 death of the two-year-old girl. she got in the way of the partying and love life. the defense claims that caylee's death was an accident that snowballed out of control. the police departments across the country are facing
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budget cuts. one mississippi police chief is using tubnology to do more with less. -- technology to do more with less and is articles police officers with tiny clip-on cameras, cost $60 and the size of a pack of gum. they help prosecute cases. >> i call it my silent partner, the small department is one, at most, two of us on at a time and it's good to have the extra set of ears and eyes out there. had a dui stop several months ago where the person denied everything that happened. after watching the video and they did not know what happened. and plead guilty. >> and so far, the video cameras are not challerred in court. up next -- challenged in court. >> we're going to mount vernon where george washington is helping thousands celebrate the 4th. and celebrating with ronald reagan. we'll explain. >> vice president joe biden has joined twitter. sent out the first tweet today asking americans to take time to think of u.s. troops and their families on this holiday.
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the vice president known for his gap, don't expect to see many of those on zitter -- twitter. the vice president joe biden's am is at vp. 
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>> americans in london celebrated the 4th of july at griefnor square today with the -- grovenor square. the likeness of ronald reagan is celebrating the park and to end the cold war. greg palka has the story. >> reporter: americans celebrating independence day in
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london's griefnor square. a 10-foot bronze statue of ronald reagan adorns this park. and marking $100 years since the birth as relatives were helping and the cold war. the former secretary of state condoleezza rice said reagan would have a hard time imagining -- . >> a europe whole free and at peace. a europe in which we enjoy friendship and alliance with the former captive states in the trans-atlantic alliance called nato. >> reporter: they're joining rice in the unveiling semost -- ceremonies and that it is the achievements of the two countries. >> we can be proud of what this statue says about britain and america. it reminds us of a period of extraordinary achievement and hope in world affairs after a time of darkness and danger. it celebrates the life of an exceptional and gifted american president. it's a fitting tribute to one of the truest friends that
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britain has ever had. >> reporter: former british prime minister margaret thatcher, a close friend of reagan's, was invited to the event but was too frail to attend. the statue was commissioned by the reagan memorial fund trust and joins here in griefnor park of former presidents roosevelt and eisenhower. back here at home, thousands are celebrating independence day with the nation's first president. and holly morris is caught up with general year washington earlier at his mount vernon, state. >> if you can talk to one person, who would it be? many people say the first president. general george washington and as luck would have it on this july 4th, i knew where i could find him. greetings, general washington. >> madame, welcome to mount vernon. we're pleased to have you jump your home is beautiful on this july 4th, which i am assuming a big day for you. >> it's a truth be told, the day that i put my uniform back on and my birth knight as well.
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>> what have you had planned today? how are you going to celebrate america's birthday today? well, i'll tell you, there is no greater privilege for a chief magistrate of the nation than to engage in discourse with the fellow citizens. i hope to meet all of our guests here today and we also, if truth be told, have a variety of things. we will be swearing in 100 new u.s. citizens and we will be engaged in all manner of military evolution, we shall be involved in daytime illuminations. pyrotechnics, it's called. >> wonders never cease where this country is headed. >> it's remarkable, my dear. >> reporter: and as you're reflecting on mark's birth day, what goes through your mind? you have given so much to make it happen? i will tell you that it was in essence a miracle. truth be told at the time we declare our american independence, we're the only nation on earth that is not under the control of kings and queens, lords, ladies, sheika,
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maha rages, men and women of absolute power. we create a nation of laws. and that empowers people. and how do you hope the people celebrate? for many, many years to income. >> i hope they will pause and reflect and understand that the gifts of freedom are not free. >> need i say more. general washington thank you very much. >> my honor. >> at mount vernon. holly warren, fox 5 news. when she goes to see thomas jefferson, i want to tag along. that is all i have to say. >> all right, it's just a matter of which way. >> and you summed it up perfectly there. and some thunderstorms in the area and is going to be a
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thunderstorm on the mall and that is impossible and we are seeing more activity to the north and the west, though, and there is the monument and it's hazy out there. we have been dry all day long. that is the good news and we have not been impressful hot. we haven't had perfectly blue skies or anything like that and it still has been pretty nice out there and the weather so far for jest about everybody has cooperated and what we're watching right now, some north of win chester. this is the thunderstorm and you see the blinking sign there that, well, a plus. that is an indication of the lightning at the ground and an indication of lightning that struck the ground and we know that is a thunderstorm and is drifting across over 81 now and to charlestown. and this is what has me spooked. it's moving in our direction and there is more farther north and west and things are dieing
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down and falling a part. that is what we're seeing, the strongest of the storms are south of us and that is where the thunderstorm watch is. and to spotsylvania county, stafford county and places like that and on interstate 64 into the south and that is where i think the strongest thunderstorms will be and they will have the greatest possibility. the scattered thunderstorms around at 7:00 and not everybody. the temperatures in the upper 80s. the thunderstorms are possible or a shower in the area around 9:00 and in the lower 80s. most of the storms and showers will be south of the metro and again, that is later on. overnight tonight, it looks like it's going to be dry and a chance again with the evening scattered thunderstorms. a few clouds overnight tonight and otherwise, mid-60s for the suburbs, lower 70s for lows in
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town and the winds out of the northwest at five miles per hour. here's the front. we talked about this a lot last week and it's not been able to push all the way into southern secs of virginia. had it gone 100, 125 miles farther to the south, we would have been perfectly dry out here this evening and most of the storminess would have been along the front and is to to the south. that is not the case. you can see here with the boundary in the area and that thunderstorms are moving off of there and there is that disturbance moving through, too, and helping to initiate some of that in western secs of pennsylvania. tomorrow morning, once we're through tone, we'll have a few clouds in the morning, 73, mostly sunny at noon and 86. a spotty thunderstorm or spotty shower football late tomorrow afternoon -- possible late tomorrow afternoon. the high temperature around 90 degrees. should see plenty of sunshine tomorrow and that will stay on the muggy side. the muggies will come back on wednesday, thursday, and still a chance of storms there.
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and that destroy error -- drawing period and next week looks like it's going to be into the mid- to upper type thes. -- upper 90s. >> the hot tub's back. did you see it? maybe summer, not stopping hundreds of people from hitting the slopes in washington state. >> wow. the business booming at crystal mound tap. listen to this. they had record snowfall and some warm temperatures to wear shorts and, well, short sleeves. short sleeves. they got $600 inches of snow this year. -- 600 inches of snow this year. >> we have seen bikinis and tank tops and sunglasses. people are having a great time and applying lots of sunscreen. >> icy out there and you know what? enjoy it. officials believe they will be able to keep skiers and snowboarders going for another week or two. and which nationals showed up on the independentness day? the old or new? dave ross has the answer next. and first, a treasure
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trove, valued at $22 billion found under a temple in india. the 16th century house of worship is one of the wealthiest religious institutions in the country leave night. investigators are still tallying up the total hall. extra police, needless to say, are on site guarding the treasure.
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. >> happy independence day, dave ross with you. the nats are hoping to enjoy this 4th of july holiday in style. taking on the cubs and hooking -- looking for fireworks and top of the 4th, the nats up 2- 1. the former that the, alfonso soriano and two on, two out and
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no problems and the bermuda triangle and coming around to score, the throw and davey johnson, that is not what inspires people. top of the 6th, facing him, one run scores and jayson werth limits the damage and carlos pena is toast, 4-2. the nats tie yet up at 4. and that former nat is up and running. watch danny espinosa and that three and a double play. we're going to extra innings. the bottom of the 10th, a run or third. carlos getting wild and worth coming -- werth coming on in with the game winner. nats win 5-4 in 10 innings. >> the thing i look about that game the most, we gave them the battle back and that should never happen and that is a much better game and should have gone to 9 and we won the ball game and that is a big team
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victory. >> they have been waiting for the return of steven strasburg and the arrival of bryce harper. the former may not realistically happen this year, the latter got one 10 keyser earlier today and -- one step closer today and promoted to the nats double a affiliate, bryce makes his debut with the senators in less then an hour. he ripped up the pitching in single-a ball hit ago .318 in hagerstown, 14 homers and 46 rbis, he's expected to play primarily in west feel with the promotion and nats selected them as the overall picks in the draft. and a 4th of july holiday tradition. the hot dog-eating contest. and competing in the first ever all-women's competition and show did it in style. downing 40 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes to get that beautiful pension trophy. on the men's side, how about joey chest nut?
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he didn't disappoint. 62 dogs andy the minutes to make yet five toolings in a row. the only downside, he could not top his own record of 68 and that, my friend is disgusting. i am just full from watching that, mien from. i don't know about you, i'm not having a hot dog any time soon. >> i can't believe that is an american tradition new j. i don't know how it started but it's here to say. >> i would like to celebrate my independence from those videos. >> fare enough. no more hot dog viewing for you. >> okay. dave ross, thanks for. that gary, one last look at the forecast. >> and a chance of a shower and thunderstorm. hopefully that'll go off without a help. the temperatures in the lower 80s. >> no mother nature fireworks.
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